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We offer a variety of educational programs that allow little ones to interact with others while moving and learning new skills. It's also a place where parents can socialize, connect and build their own community! 

Let's cover the basics: 

  • Each class is 30 mins

  • Held outdoors/indoors (weather permitting) 

  • Group settings (min 7 children)

  • Tons of fun! 


Non-Moverz | 4-9 months

30 min class 

In this class, we focus primarily on strength-building exercises to help prepare babies for hand and knee crawling. We do a variety of tummy time exercises, weight-bearing skills, and fine motor play and give them lots of time to socialize. The goal is to help parents learn new and fun ideas to include in their purposeful floor time at home! In each class, we incorporate bubbles to work on their tracking ability and of course, parachute play for a fun-filled program!


Moverz | 10-17 months 

30 min class 

This class is for babies already on the move! We focus more on stability, balance and strength to help them become more confident Moverz. Each week we target their gross motor skills so they are challenging themselves and problem-solving. I love to find creative ways for these little guys to move so we are always stimulating their brains and getting them to try new things! We include songs, bubbles and the parachute for a sensory-rich program.


Little Shredderz | 19 months - 4 years

40 min class (seasonal workshop)

This program will be for children 19 months (very confidently walking)- 4 years old. Little Shredderz will be about teaching snowboarding fundamentals and getting kids passionate about winter sports! We will learn how to balance and transfer our weight on a snowboard to gain the confidence needed to tackle the bigger slopes.

This 4 week's program will be held outdoors. This provides us with the necessary practice before venturing into the cold. All equipment (wriglet snowboard and helmet) is included. Regular winter boots are to be worn.


Private 1:1 Coaching 

If your little one is struggling with a particular skill (rolling, crawling, standing, balancing?) then you can schedule a private session to learn some exercises that will help with exactly that. Each session is 30 minutes long and we will go over simple tricks using things around the house than can help make your little one stronger. In the end, you will receive all exercises via email to make sure you know exactly what to practice. 1:1 are scheduled one at a time.


Birthday Party Package

Absolutely perfect for your baby's 1st birthday! Each party is 40 minutes in length and designed for 10 kids. It includes a warm-up, group activity, mini gym circuit, bubbles and parachute play! All equipment is brought directly to your home or event space and we entertain your little one and their guests.

Investment:  $350 ( + $50 outside of York Region) 

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Thanks for registering to become a host. We will confirm your spot within3 business days. 

Interested in hosting a non-moverz or moverz class in your home? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. Minimum 6 children. 

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