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through movement

A physical and educational program where babies can experience an exciting and new environment each week.

Our goal is to provide a supportive program where parents can come together to learn new tricks that help stimulate their babies' brains and assist with motor development milestones. Using equipment that helps improve strength, balance, cognitive function and sensory integration, babies (and their parents) walk away with a great workout.  

The early years of a child can be the most fundamental in laying a path for success, so together I hope I can guide you to create a fun and exciting environment to have strong, happy, healthy babies!

Hi, I'm Julie! 

the founder of Little Moverz

I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from York University and soon after started managing a recreational gymnastic club in Vaughan. It was at my first club that trained me on how to teach mommy and me classes and I instantly knew that this was my favourite age group! But It wasn’t until my sister had her first baby that I saw how tough it can be for moms during that first year- tiring, stressful, incredibly rewarding but also at times really lonely- so I thought what better than creating a mobile program where I can bring parents together so they can socialize, connect, all while their babies are learning fun new skills. This is one of the main reasons I like to stay mobile, I can service different communities and try to reach as many parents as I can. It is truly incredible what babies are able to do given the right tools and guidance and I look forward to sharing them with you!  


About Us

Little Moverz was started when I saw the lack in children's programming, specifically with infants in our communities also realizing that very few focused on motor development. Coming from a background in gymnastics, I thought I could take both my education and experience and create a fun, challenging program that both moms and babies would enjoy.

what's everyone saying

“Ms. Julie’s Little Moverz program is the absolute best! We started in the non-moverz class and ended up doing 4 sessions. Ms. Julie has amazing techniques to keep your little one attentive and always learning. Each week is something to build off the week before. I recommend it to everyone that I know who has a baby! We love Ms. Julie 💜”
  • How do classes work?
    Little Moverz is a 30 minute program, once a week for a set session (typically 6 weeks at a time). Because we're mobile, we either host the class in someone's home (living room, basement, or backyard) or at select rental facilities.
  • What is required to host?
    To host in your home, we just need an open space for 6-8 people to sit comfortably in a circle and a little extra space for my equipment. Parking should be accessible and easy to access inside. You can be responsible for finding your own class or I am happy to help!
  • How do I register?
    To sign up for public classes click here. To sign up to be a private host click here.
  • What are the Covid Protocols?
    All equipment is sanitized between classes and uses so everything is clean for your little one. Masks are optional for indoor classes.


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