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"An early start to an active life!"

Hey! My name is Julie and I'm the owner of Little Moverz. Over the last ten years, I have been working with kids in a gymnastic setting to help improve coordination, balance, strength and most importantly confidence. During this time, I did extensive training in baby development to be able to teach mommy and me classes. It was then I realized my absolute passion and love for this age group!

With a degree in Kinesiology, I decided to create a program where I educate parents on different ways they can play with their baby to improve motor development, sensory integration, cognitive function and strength. And the best part, I bring this program directly to your home!

It is truly incredible what babies are able to do given the right tools and guidance and I hope I can share that with you.


Our Programs

Learning Through Movement

The educational programs at Little Moverz were created with our children’s needs in mind: to mature and develop in a safe yet stimulating environment. Take a look below to learn more about each program.


Non Moverz

4-9 months

This program is for my smallest customers! In this class, we work on several strength building exercises to help get these guys on the move. We will focus on different tummy time activities, fine motor skills and lots of tactile play!

Throughout the program, I introduce baby sign language so parents can learn an effective way to communicate with their babies. We'll incorporate bubbles to work on tracking ability and of course, we can't forget about the parachute for a fun filled program!



10-17 months

In this program, our babies are already on the move! We will focus more on stability, balance and strength. Targeting gross and fine motor skills, we want to challenge these babies to stimulate their little brains and problem solve.

This class is definitely a workout for parents as well, so everyone can get some exercise! We will include songs, bubbles and the parachute to help provide a sensory rich environment!



What you need to know

  • 30 Minute Class

  • Outdoor/Indoor

  • Group Setting (minimum of 5 kids to start a class)

  • Covid Protocols in place (all equipment is sanitized in between each use)

  • Tons of fun!


Birthday Parties


Little Moverz Birthday Party Package

Absolutely perfect for your baby's 1st birthday! Each party is 40 minutes in length and a ton of fun! It includes a warm up, group activity, mini gym circuit, bubbles and parachute play! All equipment is brought directly to your home or event space and we entertain your little one and their guests. Please inquire about dates and availability in the contact form below.

Price: $175 (for a max of 12 kids)




The Winter Session will run from November 8-December 17th for a total of 6 weeks and will be taking place indoors! The schedule will be continuously be updated as more timeslots become available!

Of course we will be following Covid Safety Protocols and masks will have to be worn at all times.

Please follow @littlemoverz on Instagram to stay in the loop!


Ms. Julie




10am- Private Class 

11am-Private Class

11:50am-Private Class


1:10pm-Moverz-Anchor Fitnee

2pm- Non Moverz-Anchor Fitness

2:40pm-Non Moverz-Anchor-Full



10am- Private Class

11am- Private Class

12pm- Private Class

12:45pm-Private Class

2:00pm- Non Moverz- MECH Physio- (Bathurst and Centre)- Full

2:40pm-Non Moverz-MECH Physio- (Bathurst and Centre)- Full

3:30pm- Moverz- MECH Physio-Full


Woodbridge/Kleinberg Area

10am- Private Class

11am- Private Class

12pm- Private Class

1pm-Private Class

2pm-Private Class​

3:15pm-Private Class



​9:45am- Private Class

11:00am- Private Class

11:45am-Private Class

12:30pm- Private Class

1:30pm-Private Class

2:30pm-Private Class

3:30pm-Private Class



8:30am-Private Class


9:30am- Private Class

10:15am-Simcoe Dance Academy- Non Moverz

11:00am-Private Class

11:45am-Non Moverz-Simcoe Dance Academy- Full

12:30pm-Moverz-Simcoe Dance Academy- Full

1pm- Moverz-Simcoe Dance Academy-Full

2pm- Private Class-


Little Moverz Mission

My goal is to provide a supportive program where parents can come together to learn new tricks that help stimulate their babies brain and assist with motor development milestones.

The early years of a child can be the most fundamental in laying a path for success, so together I hope I can guide you to create a fun and exciting environment to have strong, happy, healthy babies!


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